Activism is Hard

Sometimes being an activist can get frustrating, no matter what your cause is. Occasionally you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and as though you aren’t making any progress. You might feel like giving up because you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.

Please, don’t give up.

I am an intactivist in a country where it is the norm to circumcise infants. People have been lied to and told that this makes the penis cleaner and reduces the incidence of STDs and penile cancer. Few of them realize that NO medical organization in the word recommends infant circumcision. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes the procedure as a cosmetic surgery.

Believe me when I say that I’m diligent in broadcasting my cause. Also believe me when I say I often find myself having heated debates with friends that say they would circumcise their sons regardless of the information that I have given them. Regardless of the fact that surgery ALWAYS poses a risk of infection, and bleeding out, even my FRIENDS say they would cut their sons. Even though the surgery is often performed without any anesthetic, my friends would still have their perfect newborns circumcised. Circumcisions can be botched and a person might not even realize it until later in life when they have issues with tight skin during erections or odd flaps of skin. There is no way to properly measure the “right” amount of skin to remove. The doctor can’t possibly know how much the boy’s penis is going to grow as he gets older. And yet, knowing that the decision to circumcise may cause sexual dysfunction, I know people that would still circumcise their sons.

I would be lying if I said I never got frustrated.

Part of being an activist is knowing that your ideas are controversial. You want to change the world! People are going to disagree with you!

I would also be lying if I said I never felt proud.

Recently I learned that a male friend of mine is now against routine infant circumcision. He’s against it because I gave him the information and then he decided to do the research and learn more. Imagine if he educated one more person and that person went on to educate more people…how many of those people might one day have children that will now be kept intact?

So, even though it can be a real struggle to be positive when it seems like every person you talk to is a brick wall…just keep trying!

You never know when you’re going to change someone’s mind.