Facebook Continues to Censor Breastfeeding

When is Facebook going to learn that it is WRONG to delete the pictures or the profiles that belong to women that post pictures of breastfeeding? I’m sure we would all like an answer to that question…but will we ever get one?

Kate Hansen, an amazing artist, mother and breastfeeding advocate has had her Facebook profile DELETED. Why? Because she posted some of her VERY beautiful breastfeeding portraits.

A page has been made on Facebook titled “Bring Kate Hansen Back” in an attempt to get her profile reinstated. The only way that this page can make a difference is if you join and spread the news.  It must be made clear that breastfeeding is a perfectly natural (and medically preferable) way to feed babies. There is nothing gross or wrong about it.

Tell Facebook that breastfeeding is not obscene! Support Kate Hansen! Support breastfeeding mothers EVERYWHERE!